Watts 500313 2-Stage Under counter Lead, Cyst & VOC Reducing Drinking Water System Review



Watts 500313 takes water filter system one step further; the system combines a 5-micron sediment filter and 1-micron carbon block filter. The capability of this filter system surpasses that of a conventional water filter system.

A feature unique to this filter system is its high performing filtration process. The system is user-friendly, since it is easy to install. The unit’s 2-stage filtration gets rid of volatile organic chemicals to provide you with cleaner, healthier water from the tap. Actually, this is the most ideal unit for family use at home. The system provides you with means of saving money on buying bottled water.

Important Features and Specs

Watts 500313 is installed with two-stage filtration process, which provides you with continuous supply of cleaner as well as fresher drinking water. The system’s two-stage filtration process gets rid of a high percentage of water contaminants. When tap water is connected it first goes through a 5-micron sediment filter. After which the water passes through 1-micron carbon block filter that minimizes chemicals, cysts, parasitic, and lead. The two stage filtration process is very effective, and it conveniently eliminates giardia, toxoplasma, cryptosporidia, and entamoeba. This system is designed to remind you that clean water is essential.

The system design is tailored towards providing clean water for proper food digestion and joint functionality. This unit will make certain that your water has constant quality for cooking as well as drinking. The system is easy to install, and it may only take you less than an hour to get it installed.

The unit works well even after a few modifications. You can effectively connect this model to your prevailing cold-side kitchen faucet. Well, you should not be worried about the water pressure; as long as you make the modifications correctly, the pressure will be just fine. The system is economical and very reliable, and filter replacements are also very easy.

The system binding is tool and home improvement and its brand is Watts. The unit’s product group is home improvement. The system weighs 7.8 pounds and it measures 6 by 14 by 16 inches, making it compact and easy to install. Its minimum operating temperature is 4.4°C while its maximum operating temperature is 37.8°C.

The system maximum operating pressure is 7.43 g/cm2 while its minimum operating pressure is 2.80 g/cm2. The system pH maximum parameter is 10 and its pH minimum parameter is 5. The system maximum flow rate is 0.5 ppm @ 60 psi. The filter’s range is 1 to 5 micron, which reduces rust, sand and dirt.


  • The system 2-stage filtration process gets rid of water contaminants effectively; the filtration process gets rid of parasitic cysts, and lead. In addition, the 2-stage process eliminates chemicals in water, including pesticides and herbicides.
  • The system performance is exceptional, given the fact that it is designed to surpass the user’s expectations. You will be surprised by the flow of water from your kitchen faucet.
  • The system works effectively with minimal modifications; you can simply connect the unit to your prevailing cold-side kitchen faucet, and be rest assured that the water pressure will not drop unexpectedly.
  • The system will provide you with great value and peace of mind. The system is easy to install and it may only take you less than an hour to get the work done. As long as the installation is done correctly, the filter will function effectively.


  • This water filter system is not convenient for commercial use; this is so since it comes with hoses that cannot withstand pressure. For instance, you cannot use this system for a commercial ice machine.

Who Should Buy

Watts 500313 is an appropriate water filter system for home use rather than commercial use. The system does the job right. You should not just pick this system when you are warned about water contaminants, since the probability of water contaminants in tap water is significantly high.

For your family, you should particularly buy the system in order to guarantee them cleaner, fresher, healthier and safer drinking water. You should also buy this unit if you are after a filter system that is portable and at the same time present you with minimal, if any, installation problems.


This particular water filter system from Watts is engineered to make sure that you always have a continuous supply of contamination-free water. The system two-stage process ensures that your tap water is well transformed from unsafe to safe drinking water.

Basically, using this filtration device guarantees consistency in the quality of your water.This product is made of good quality material and not some cheap plastic parts. You will rarely have to return it, as long as you follow each and every installation detail correctly.

However, you should not use this system for commercial purposes; it works best when subjected to home use. This particular model is worth the money, given the fact that you will have continuous supply of clean water.