Watts Premier 531130 Filter-Pure UF-3 3-Stage Water Filtration System Review



Watts premier 531130 is a portable water filter system that is designed to provide clean supply of water. This water filter is packed with high quality filtration features. You will always have an unceasing supply of water that is not only clean, but also healthy and fresh. The system is resourceful as well as reliable, since you can easily install it in your kitchen.

The most distinguished fact about this system, which is worth the money, is the incorporation of three-stage filtration. The three-stage filtration provides you with water that is free of toxoplasma, giardia, cryptosporidia, and entamoeba. Generally, the system comes with everything you need for its installation.

Important Features and Specs

Watts premier 531130 filter-pure UF-3 is a water filtration system that uses 3-stage filtration to make certain that you get cleaner as well as healthier supply of drinking water. The 3-stage filtration gets rid of water contaminants. The moment you connect the system, the tap water goes through a 5-micron sediment filter.

Once the water has gone through the sediment filter it goes through a single micron carbon block filter that eliminates chemicals and lead. The system third stage involves an up-to-the-minute UF hollow fiber technology membrane.This technology utilizes normal home water pressure, which pushes water through a membrane (semi-permeable). The membrane is highly effective in such a way that particles of high molecular weight are prevented to go through the 0.2 micron.

The system formulated filtration can get rid of toxoplasma, giardia, entamoeba, and cryptosporidia. This is the only system that will make sure you always get cleaner and fresher water. The system is engineered to keep you and your family safe from volatile organic chemicals that may be present in tap water. This system provides you with easy operation for in-house convenience.

The system has the ability of operating at low water pressures. The system is highly user-friendly, given the fact that it is easy to assemble and the filter replacement is simple. The unit is installed with swivel-valve along with push-button assembly that makes installation easy.

Watts premier 531130 weighs 6.9 pounds, and measures 15 by 8.9 by 8.1 inches. The system item package quantity is one, and it is certified frustration-free. The system reduces the following contaminants: volatile organic chemicals, lead, bad taste, sediment, bad odors, and MTBE. The unit’s minimum water feed pressure is 20 psi and its maximum water feed pressure is 85 psi.

The system maximum operating temperature is 100°F and the minimum operating temperature is 40°F. The system’s maximum number of stages is three. The replacement filters for this model are 560039.


  • The system 3-stage filtration is designed to get rid of water contaminants effectively. The filtration process involves the following: 5-micron sediment filter, 1-micron carbon block filter, and UF hollow fiber technology.
  • The system filtration process has the ability of trapping toxoplasma, giardia, entamoeba and cryptosporidia. In addition, the process gets rid of chemicals-usually from herbicides and pesticides.
  • The system ensures that you are protected from volatile organic chemicals. Therefore, you can conveniently access your tap water with the assurance that the supply of water is fresher, healthier and cleaner.
  • The system is easy to assemble and install due to its exclusive swivel-valve with a push-button installation that makes installation easier. When you install it correctly, the filter will help you minimize as well as reduce harmful environmental consequences.


  • The system fittings may be a problem after a few rounds of use. Chances are that the water will start gushing out of the valve, due to the poor fittings. This makes the use of this water filter system quite challenging.

Who Should Buy

This should be your first choice if you are after a water filter system that is not crappy. The system can easily be installed by people of different experience levels. It is the right choice if you need a system that is made up of a filter housing that mounts under the sink of your kitchen, and at the same time hold 3 filter cartridges.

Apart from being compact, the system is light and effective. With that said, this system is commended for people who are always after cleaner and fresher drinking water. Continued healthy water supply is what this system is all about.


Watts 531130 is an advanced water filter system that uses the latest three-stage filtration technology. The three processes are particularly pronounced filtration processes that are capable of reducing a significantly higher percentage of water contaminants. Well, the three-stage filtration technique among other features should be more than enough facts for you to purchase this water filter system.

Unlike other water filtration systems that you must confirm the performance by installing and testing the quality of water running through them, this specific model is engineered to produce cleaner, healthier supply of water immediately the installation is complete. Therefore, it is worth the money.