How to Wean Baby Off Bottle At Night


Getting your baby to let go of his feeding bottle at night can seem like a daunting task. After all, he’s gotten so used to it being part of his routine at night. With that, we’re sharing with you some really great tips on how to wean baby off bottle at night.

Go Cold Turkey

Throw away or hide all of the baby bottles at home at one time. Your baby somehow knows when there’s a baby bottle somewhere in your cupboard even if it’s 3 a.m. If your resolution is low, you’ll find yourself compelled to give him a bottle. If there’s no bottle in the first place, you and your baby will be able to adapt faster.

Dilute the Milk

Each night, dilute your baby’s milk and continue doing that until his bottle is all water. He will likely lose interest if it no longer has milk.

Offer A New Comfort Object

Give your baby a blanket or a stuffed animal before going to bed. And while you are doing that, try to provide words of encouragement to your little one. Motivate and praise him for being a “big boy”. It can have a huge impact on his weaning process.

If he’s still having a hard time adjusting to drinking milk from a glass, you can purchase a sippy cup for him.