Where Do You Wear a Pedometer


Good, you’re finally ready to take your fitness game up a notch with a┬ápedometer. However, you should know where to place it to ensure accuracy. Where do you wear a pedometer?

The answer depends on the type of pedometer you’re using. Of course, if it’s a watch, strap it around your wrist.

What about other types? Some pedometers require attachment to a belt or waistband. Meanwhile, others are designed to be carried.

Now, it’s time to learn the specifics of waist attachment as well as carrying a pedometer.

Attach the pedometer inches away from your center.

You don’t have to be particular about the exact measurement. All you need to do is keep the pedometer in line with your knee when attached to your waist.

However, adjustments might be necessary. For example, if you have a big abdomen, place the pedometer at the back of your belt or waistband.

You might also need to place the pedometer closer to your bellybutton if it’s inaccurate. If the figure is still wrong, try to move the pedometer farther to the side. It’s all about constant checking before actually using the device.

Clip the device in your pocket, purse or briefcase.

Why do people resort to this option? Most pedometers are bulky, so they can be distracting when you wear shorter or sheer tops.

To keep the pedometer in place, clip it. A pedometer that’s always moving can provide inaccurate results.

In Conclusion

Where do you wear a pedometer?

Depending on your pedometer’s type, either attach it to your belt or simply carry it. Just remember to check its accuracy and adjust its placement when necessary.

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