How Long to Wear Postpartum Belt? Here’s The Answer You Need to Hear


Aside from genuine happiness when you hold your baby for the first time, there’s a feeling of great relief when you finally say goodbye to the pains of pregnancy.

However, you’ll be in another chapter of your life and that’s recovering from childbirth. To help you with that, allow us to give you pointers on how long to wear postpartum belt.

Start wearing a postpartum belt after you give birth

You can wear a postpartum belt or girdle right after giving birth. However, you should wait for your doctor’s advise before doing it. Your doctor is more likely to study the results of your postpartum exam first. After the evaluation, suggestions will follow regarding the right type of belt for your condition and body type.

There’s also no need for you to worry about improper usage. While you’re in the hospital, medical professionals will surely guide you on how to wear a postpartum belt.

Keep wearing the postpartum belt for a few weeks

The average duration for wearing a postpartum belt is four to six weeks. However, C-section moms need more time to heal. They can only stop using their girdle when their stitches are completely healed.

Additionally, the duration really depends on your health status and body type. The most important factors include uterus recovery and skin elasticity.

A perfect example of excellent skin elasticity is how some moms easily get back into shape in just a few weeks. They might use postpartum belts for a couple of weeks only.

If your goal is massive weight loss after pregnancy, then you can wear the belt longer. You may wear it like an ordinary girdle.


We’re going to explain how long to wear postpartum belt one more time. While the average duration is four to six weeks, you still have to consider your postpartum condition. Personal factors include the type of delivery you went through, your uterus, skin elasticity, and fitness goals after childbirth.

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