Should You Weigh Yourself Everyday


If you are working hard to lose weight, you’ll find it tempting to step on the scale each time you see it. After all, what better way to know that you’re actually losing weight than the numbers on your scale, right? While that seems logical, the truth may actually surprise you. Should you weight yourself everyday?

Too much attention to your scale may only frustrate you

Even when you are on a strict diet, your weight will fluctuate every day. For example, you may retain more water on certain days, such as when you’re about to have your period, and you can easily associate that with gaining weight. Seeing a higher number on the scale can only frustrate you.

Believe it or not, reducing the number of times you weigh yourself weekly is more healthy. It allows you to be more focused on your eating habits, physical activities, and lifestyle.

Instead of weighing yourself every day, do it once a week. It’s enough to let you know if your fitness plan is working for you or not. Also, don’t forget to check the accuracy of your scale.

If you are not seeing changes week after week, you can get a pedometer to track your daily steps. It’s an effective tool in keeping yourself active.