WEN 56352 3500 Watt 212cc 7 HP OHV Gas Powered Portable Generator Review



WEN 56352 is a 212 cc 7 HP OHV engine driven alternating current portable generator that supplies clean power to operate standard electrical devices, including saws and drills. You can use WEN 56352 to supply power in emergency situations when there is power line failure. You can also use it to bring power to remote areas for ranching and camping. The power output of this generator is rated at 3500 peak watts and 3000 running watts. The power output of this generator rates its ability to do work. The unit has a wheel kit, which allows you to move it into position conveniently without much struggle.

Important Features and Specs

WEN 56352 is an all-purpose gas powered portable generator, which has the ability of converting the alternate current at 3600 RPM intended for 3000 rated watts, due to the power supplied by its great 7hp OHV engine. It is composed of two 120V, 20A, three-prong, one 120/240V, 30A twist lock, and 12V DC 8.3A, which makes the generator suitable for consistent voltage. You are informed of the receptacles status through the power indicator light. You conveniently know if the generator power is ‘ON’ when the light is lit. By pulling the built-in wire, you can gently switch on the gas powered portable generator.

The generator stability on the ground from the moment it is switched on is reinforced by the 2 rubber motor mounts wheels; in addition to one-inch solid tubular frame. The generator engine is known to run for as long as eleven hours on four gallons of fuel. The unit’s engine is protected from damage by the low-oil shutdown mechanism. When the low-oil mark is reached, the generator shuts down. WEN 56352 is NOT CARB Compliant.

The generator runs on 212cc 7hp OHV engine at 3600 RPM for 3000 rated watts. It is made up of two 120V, 20A, three-prong, one 120/240V, 30A twist lock, and 12V DC 8.3A. Has an engine switch ‘ON’ or ‘OFF’ mechanism. WEN 56352 measures 23x17x17 inches and weighs 104 pounds, making it compact and portable. It is integrated with a smooth-rolling full wheel kit, accompanied by space-saving fold down handles.

Contains a muffler with a good spark arrester that ensures the unit operates at low noise. The generator’s four-gallon tank is easily accessible from the top, allowing you to view the oil level appropriately. The generator starting method is manual and has hour counter. Its noise rating at twenty three feet is 67 decibels. WEN 56352 fuel type is gasoline and has a fuel gauge.

Who Should Buy

Those who live in disaster prone areas, such as areas that are hit by tornadoes, should beyond doubt buy WEN 56352. The unit has the ability to provide you with power backup for a good number of your household appliances, including fridge/freezer, mobile phones, and personal computers. Apart from tornadoes, you can buy this generator in preparation of a hurricane; in the event that your residential area is vulnerable to hurricanes.

Some users have experienced the efficiency of this generator in the aftereffects of hurricane Sandy. The generator proves to be the real deal. It operates effectually on about 1/3 power level in twenty fours. The unit is a good choice for factories as well as offices since it is designed from long-lasting materials, which do not get damaged easily. You should buy this unit if you are after a portable generator that is easy to start and use at all times.


  • Has a smooth-rolling wheel kit, which makes it easier to move the generator from one position to another.
  • The generator is backed up by a strong and reputable manufacturer who ensures that the user is always satisfied and attended to, especially when you urgently need to replace a component.
  • The generator muffler along with its spark arrester makes certain that the engine noise is reduced significantly. Therefore, allowing you to go about your chores without much disturbance.
  • Has low-oil shutdown mechanism; thus, protecting the engine from damage.


  • Not CARB compliant; thus, California people cannot use it.
  • Requires you to operate it at ¼ hour for half load at least once in a month, and you need to stop fuel supply before you can shut down the generator.


WEN 56352 is light and sturdy, and it is now packaged so you can have power to take along to your camping trip. You should buy this generator, since it has the ability to fuel your heater, lights, sump pumps, saws, drills and icebox among other things. There is more offered by this unit in addition to its amazingly useful wattage. The unit is easy to move and service and it is convenient for disaster prone areas where power outage may occur unexpectedly. When you buy WEN 56352, you should know that it is rated the best, and it is light enough for one person to handle; especially with the presence of its wheel kit.