Wet or Dry Shave for Sensitive Skin


Having delicate skin can be a bummer. You really have to ensure that it stays okay after shaving. Should it be wet or dry shave for sensitive skin?

Wet shave is a must for fragile skin

Shaving cream exists for a reason. One of its main benefits is to protect your skin from irritation.

Since sensitive skin is prone to rashes, take advantage of the purpose of shaving cream. You may even use a shaving gel as long as it’s formulated for your skin type.

However, wet shave can be a problem if you have thin hairs.

Shaving cream can hide fine hairs

This is an issue if you’re always in a hurry. It turns out that using shaving cream on thin hairs can be time-consuming. You’ll have a hard time because you can’t see everything underneath the foam.

But, your sensitive skin is still a priority. You should be more patient if you have thin hairs. If it makes you feel any better, we recommend lightweight creams to reduce inconvenience.

In Conclusion

Choosing between wet or dry shave for sensitive skin, we certainly recommend wet shaving. Shaving creams and gels are formulated to prevent irritation. Sure, they can be a hassle if you have thin hairs, but that’s better than dealing with itchy skin.

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