What are Electric Smoker Cooking Times


The best way to enjoy food smoking with an electric smoker is by knowing the electric smoker cooking times. These are the times within which your food cooks effectively without cases of over-smoking or under-smoking. All the cooking times are dependent on the cooking temperature. Electric cooking times are also dependent on the weight, as well. The lowest weight possible that you can smoke is three to four pounds, which might take you approximately half an hour for every pound. The longest possible cooking time is four to five hours, which is convenient for a full grill.

Electric Smoker Cooking Times Comparison Table 2017

Food TypeWeight of FoodEstimated Electric Smoker Cooking Times
Small game birdsMore than ten poundsFour to five Hours
GooseEight to ten poundsThirty to forty five minutes per pound
SeafoodThree to six poundsTwo and half to three and half hours
Turkey Eight to twelve poundsFour to five hours
Chicken Whole chickenApproximately four hours
Sausage linksFull grillThree to four hours
Beef ribsFull grillForty five minutes per pound
Pork roastThree to four poundsApproximately an hour per pound
Large cuts of game, beef brisket, lamb roasts, or beef roastsThree to four poundsApproximately half an hour per pound

The chart simply provides you with estimated cooking times for an electric smoker; however, the cooking times are bound to change due to some issues, such as outside temperature and whether or not your unit is leaking heat.

Desired Electric Smoker Cooking Times

Chances are that you might want to smoke your food at a different time of the day when compared to another person. Therefore, it is vitally important to know what exactly happens when you decide to cook at a specific time of the day, such as from 2 pm in the morning.

  • Whole Chicken Cooking

    If you choose to prepare a whole chicken in the afternoon at around 2 pm; then it will be ready by 2 pm, which adds up to approximately 4 hours. When you start cooking your chicken at 2 pm, its internal temperature will be around 42°F. With respect to these cooking times, you are strongly advised to maintain a consistent cooking temperature of 250°F.

    By the time it is 6 pm, your chicken will be around 167°F, and ready to serve. You should probably take the same duration when cooking the chicken at a different time of the day, as long as you operate your unit according. At times you may let the meat continue cooking for a while before you can serve.

  • Whole Turkey Cooking

    If you prefer to prepare a whole turkey that is to be served by 6 pm in the evening; then you will have to start preparing it at around 11.30 am in the morning. Based on the estimates, the electric cooking times for a whole turkey is approximately six and half hours. The turkey’s internal temperature when cooking starts will range between thirty eight and forty two degrees Fahrenheit.

    In accordance with these cooking times, it is advisable to maintain a consistent 240°F pit temperature or something close to this. Maintaining the cooking temperature at 240°F will ensure that your food cooks conveniently without you having to check on the temperature. With the consistent temperature, you will only have to check on the unit during the last half hour before serving time.

  • Beef Ribs Cooking

    Electric smoking cooking times for beef ribs is approximately three hours. If you wish to serve your beef ribs by 6 pm; then you are supposed to start cooking them at around 1 pm. Beef ribs internal temperature should range between thirty eight and forty two degrees Fahrenheit. These cooking times require you to maintain a pit temperature of 225°F or a temperature close to this value.

    By the time it is 4 pm, your beef ribs will have cooked, and the meat temperature will be around 175°F. It is essential that you let your beef ribs rest for a while until the meat temperature is at least 170°F. You should remember to place your meat out of the danger zone while resting. By 6 pm, your meat will be done resting and ready to serve. Normally, the meat will have reached 160°F by the time it is 6 pm.


All the electric cooking times listed and discussed in this guide are estimates. There are several variables that can interfere with the real cooking times. Among the many variables that may interfere with your electric smoker cooking times, one of the most crucial one is outside temperature.

In most cases, you may unintentionally disrupt the cooking temperature by opening the smoker door when you want to check on the cooking progress. Well, you are strongly advised to avoid opening the smoker door. Instead you should ensure that the cooking temperature is maintained at a specific desired level, and you should only open the door slightly in the last half hour of cooking.

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