What Causes Tangled Hair


We all know how frustrating (and painful!) it is to untangle strands of hair. And, worse, it’s possible that the root cause of the problem is more serious than you think. To solve this issue, let’s find out what causes tangled hair.

There’s no single reason for this. Tangled hair is actually caused by a couple of factors. Learn more about it below:

Not combing your hair hinders natural shedding

Hairfall sounds bad, but it’s actually natural as long as you shed a few strands of hair. Now, what does this have to do with tangles?

Since shedding involves loose strands, you have to comb your hair to make them fall out. If you don’t this, loose hair gets tangled up with other strands.

Damaged hair lifts the cuticle

If your cuticle is lifted, it becomes rough. According to Modern Salon, this leads to strands not sliding past each other when you comb them.

As soon as you notice stubborn tangles, start using products that can combat hair damage. There are a lot of shampoos for that specific problem.

In Conclusion

What causes tangled hair?

Again, there are two common causes for this dilemma. If you don’t comb or brush your hair frequently, loose strands will create knots with other strands. The more serious one is hair damage, which needs a special formula for recovery.

Aside from frequent combing and treatments for damaged hair, you may also use a detangling brush. Check out the best brushes for removing knots on your hair.

You may also consider the brand Tangle Teezers. Find out if they’re effective.