What Is A Convertible Seat And Is It Better


In this new era of car seats for infants and children, car accident causing death of young ones has reduced. Due to even minor accidents children get severely injured as their skin and bones are newly forming. Any slight jerk can pose a great risk for them and hence traveling with children is difficult. This is where the infant car seats came into the scene.

Through this you can easily take your child wherever you want without the fear of causing him or her any damage. Just as the child’s age increases, the weight and the height of the baby increase as well. You have to eventually switch to a bigger pair of shoes, new socks, clothes and diapers to adjust the size of your child. Just like that you also need to change your car seats every time your child out grows it. You cannot make a 5 year old kid to lie down on an infant child seat.

That’s why the seat designs keep on changing from smaller to bigger as the child grows. And if your state laws claim to carry your child in a car seat every time you go out than you have to abide by the rules or you will be charged. But buying a new car seat every time can pose a threat to your tight budget as well and hence why now parents have a new option of convertible seat in the market.

Advantages of Convertible Car Seats

Convertible car seats, if not a one time but, can be a long time investment. You will not have to go out after every few years to buy a new car seat all you need is one that can increase and adjust its size according to the growth of your baby. Each convertible seat varies. But as a rule of thumb, many convertible car seats can carry from a new born baby to a baby that weighs around 50 pounds.

Factually, all infants should be in car seats that are facing rearwards and toddlers can be seated in both back and front facing ways. The rear facing car seats can safely take the weight of 35 pounds maximum to hold your child in proper place. On the other hand the front facing seats can support your child up to 40 to 45 pounds.

Although there are car seats that can take up to 80 pounds. So it is up to the model. You need to make sure how much weight each of them can carry properly.

Convertible Seats Design

The convertible car seats have a 5 point harness for added stability. Most of them have two belt paths where the vehicle seat belt can be used to attach the car seat properly. One seat belt path can be use if the car seat is facing rearwards and the other can be used if it is facing forwards.

It is however important to know if you have placed the belt path correctly or else it can pose a problem for your child. So read the user manful for both of your car and the convertible seat to make sure you are attaching it correctly.

Disadvantages of Convertible Car Seats

While getting convertible car seats is better for your budget as all you need to do is just buy one and then enjoy your time with it, it can actually pose some problems for you. First of all convertible car seats are bought once, and can be recycled or sold once your child reaches the weight limit and you can no need to buy a another car seat according to your area.

This way many a times the car seats hygiene is forgotten and the child is made to lie or sit on it time after time. Because the car seat is not something you would carry with yourself especially when your child is over 3 years of age and is able to walk independently you most often forget the car seat in the car.

Another disadvantage is that many a times parents make their children sit facing forwards rather than rear wards, even though sitting forwards can impose a lot of problems and health risks for them. But these convertible car seats give you the option to make your toddler sit face forwards and hence pose greater threats to your child’s safety.

In a nutshell, the convertible car seats on whole are an intelligent long term investment. They might cost you more than your normal car seat but allow you to use the thing for a longer period of time as well. You can easily modify it according to your child’s growth and incline it to whatever position your child finds most comfortable whether it is lying down on sleeping position to sitting up.

Convertible car seats, hence, meets up its expectations, of converting itself to whatever your demands and needs are.

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