What Is Rose Gold?


A lot of women nowadays prefer their belongings, especially the ones made of metal or just plain metallic, to have the elegant color of rose gold. This modern color is present in some mobile phones, headphones, laptops, makeup cases, wristwatches, high heels, sneakers, jewelry, and even hairstyles since companies and businesses have always been making a profit out of current trends.

However, what is rose gold? Is it just a color or an actual kind of metal? Let’s learn more about this trend!

Rose Gold as Metal

Technically speaking, rose gold is an alloy mostly made of copper and gold. It was first used as an element of jewelry. Also known as red gold and pink gold, it was a hit in Russia in the 19th century which led to another term called Russian gold. However, when it comes to its popularity worldwide, it only started in the 21st century. As you can see in blogs and online stores, rose gold accessories such as bracelets and rings are in-demand for ladies.

Even though rose gold is associated with pink and red gold, these three types actually differ based on copper content. Red gold has the highest copper content while pink has the lowest. Meanwhile, rose gold has the perfect balance of copper, gold, and silver. To be more specific, 18K rose gold contains 75 percent gold, 22.25 percent copper, and 2.75 percent silver. Next, 18K red gold has 75 percent gold and 25 percent copper while 12K contains an ideal ratio of 50 percent for each metal. On the other hand, 18K pink gold is composed of 75 percent gold, 20 percent copper, and five percent silver.

Here’s a fun fact about rose, red and pink gold: Ancient people from the Greco-Roman world and the Middle Ages considered gold as a red metal, not the typical shiny yellow one. Why? The smelting process that time was probably flawed since gold could not be totally purified. In general, smelting gold requires a certain heat level, amount of pressure, and chemicals to successfully remove impurities.

Rose Gold as Color

Many people still consider rose gold as another term for pink. After all, its enthusiasts are mostly women. However, rose gold is more associated with luxury and elegance than the latter. It has a certain shine, unlike most pink products. You cannot say that a certain fabric has a rose gold color if it does not shine even for just a little bit. For example, we encountered a personal organizer or planner with a pinkish leather cover. However, the product was labeled rose gold, not pink. Why? It has a slight shimmer.

Rose gold may not be as classy as yellow gold since its popularity right now is based on trend, but it has a modern look that is perfect for this generation. That’s why several gadgets and devices have the color of rose gold even if they are made of another type of metal.

The negative connotations of pink also have something to do with rose gold’s fame. Even women nowadays slowly hate pink since society dictates that the color is too girly, childish, and cutesy. With rose gold, however, it has a luxurious shine. It is like the mature version of pink.

Pros and Cons of Rose Gold

If you are a big fan of rose gold as a color, you might want to think about the actual metal’s advantages and disadvantages first just to be sure.

  • Pros

    Yellow gold is extremely soft unless it is combined with other metals. With copper and silver, rose gold proves that it is more durable than the yellow type. Despite its durability, it is still cheaper than yellow and white gold. Copper is so common that it is even used to make kitchenware such as frying pans or skillets.

    The color yellow is too showy, isn’t it? It symbolizes wealth rather than love. On the other hand, rose gold has a sweet pinkish color that makes it perfect for romantic jewelry. It matches perfectly with heart-shaped gems or stones. It is also a good material for engagement rings. Do not worry about how it will go out of style in the future because it is a vintage metal. Vintage things can be timeless, too.

    Fashion-wise rose gold matches with every skin tone. It is ideal for both pale and dark skin types. Not only that, it also pairs with different kinds of gems. Pink diamond, pink topaz, rose quartz, and Morganite are some gems that complement perfectly with rose gold. Rose gold even intensifies their colors. It emphasizes white and silver stones, too.

  • Cons

    Rose gold’s rareness makes it precious and, at the same time, a hassle to purchase. This metal has a lot of fake versions because it is hard to find an authentic one. You really have to double your efforts just to find genuine rose gold. Secondly, copper can trigger allergic reactions. It is not a hypoallergenic metal. Some of the safest metals are pure gold, silver, stainless steel, and niobium.

What Is Rose Gold?

In summary, rose gold can be considered as a metal or a color. When it comes to being a type of metal, it is a combination of gold, copper and silver. Some people might think that it is the same as red and pink gold, but each of these three gold types has a different amount of copper content than the other. On the other hand, rose gold as a color is oftentimes associated with pink. However, it has a special shine most pink objects do not have. It is also the luxurious version of pink. Lastly, loving the color is not enough when you choose a genuine rose gold accessory. Rose gold as a metal has its own advantages and disadvantages, so you must think about that first.

Another luxurious, precious keepsake other than rose gold accessories is diamond jewelry. However, before choosing one in the future, you need to learn first how to pick the right kind of diamond. Regarding products that are unlikely to have rose gold color options, check out our take on the best eyelash curlers.