WiFi Baby 3 Wireless iPhone, iPad, Android Baby Monitor Review



As the competition increases between brands creating new, innovative and better products than the other one, Wi-Fi baby 3 baby monitor lets you see your baby in any device that supports WiFi connectivity. In this way it not just distinguishes itself from other similar products in the market but it also stands out on its own.

Reviewed by customers giving it a positive word of mouth this device is a must buy for all those of who want to have a good experience parenting your baby while being away from your child. This camera will do half of the work for you.

Features and Specifications

The fact that this device doesn’t comes with a separate parent device or screen is confusing yet innovative. Now you can see your child on any device that supports wireless network whether it’s your phone, iPod, laptop, Mac, Windows 8 or any other android device.

This way it makes it so much easier for you to see your baby while working on your laptop or sending/receiving text over your phone without needing to carry a separate device with you all the time. This device comes with an app that makes viewing your child much more easily. This can however be a nuance for those who want to have a device that has a separate viewing part and does not hinder their every day activity.

  • Recording System

    The baby camera has a recording system that records the video. This feature is also different from other devices of the same category. Now you can go on to a party or host a family feast without the feeling that you are going to miss n your child. Now you can record each and every move that your little one makes in your absence and see them later on.

  • Alerts

    Like all other baby monitors that provide you alerts on the parent’s device this device makes your wireless supporting gadget your parent’s device and thus not only shows you the video of your child but also gives you alerts in both audio and video forms. So now you can know what your baby is doing and be alarmed on each and every move that he or she makes by getting alerted trough your phone or laptop etc by the “MyWiFiBaby” app.

  • Day and Night View

    The device holds the ability to show videos on both day and night. With both night vision properties the videos that are good enough and crisp for both day and night time viewing. With true color vision and real time video there is crisper video quality. The night vision is of 30 feet that gives a wider look out for you and your baby.

  • Packaging

    The device has been packaged with a camera and a camera stand that allows you to keep the camera on a shelf or a table whatever area is available for you. It also has an AC adapter to charge it a start up guide and user manual with easy to read instructions and screws fr fixing and putting the device together.

  • 4 Camera Views

    The device comes with 4 separate camera views that you can play and ensure yourself that you are watching your baby from 4 different angles. With these 4 separate camera screens you not only increase the viewing angles but also reduce the number of accidents. With all these 4 camera views you get subsequent notifications on your WiFi devices as well.


  • WiFi connectivity
  • Day and night view
  • 4 camera screens
  • Notifies on WiFi device
  • Multitasking
  • Several sensors


  • No parent device
  • No lullabies or night lights
  • Notifications on your WiFi devices can be distracting

Who Should Buy

For those people out there who want a baby monitor that does half of their work for them without the need to carry additional gadgets with them then this device is right for you as you can easily see your baby whenever you want just by turning the WiFi on.

You can also record your baby and see him or her when you are out and away through there app. This is a great parent gadget and is perfect for all those who want to buy a product that is best for their money.


In today’s world where every brand is producing a device that is better in every other aspect than other devices of the same range, this baby monitoring gadget is a new and innovative turn in other children gadgets as it allows you to not only see your child on your phone or your iPhone or laptop but also record him, whether its night or day and you get notified on your WiFi device this means that you will not forget about your child even if he or she is in a different room.