Workez Standing Desk Adjustable Desk for Laptops & Desktops Review



Workez Standing Desk has been ergonomically designed to not only help create a better work environment for the workers but also help them in supporting their back and leg issues. Due to excessive sitting in front of the laptops a lot of people develop an abnormally curved spine.

With age they can also get weakening of muscles, bones and joints and this will increase the likelihood for them to develop lower back pain that can develop sciatica and other deformities. Hence it is advice to stand up every 20-30 minutes to straighten their spine help in reducing the likelihood to develop backaches and other problems. Workez has hence created this desk that can be adjusted to any height and tilt that you want to work at.

It is not only ergonomically friendly but helps put less strain on your spine. It has been awarded 3.5 stars out of 5 stars by online customers.

Features and Specifications

The Desk has two trays one for keyboard and one for monitor or laptop. These trays can hold a laptop pr a monitor that weighs less than 13 pounds or 6 kilograms. This means that you cannot put large or heavy weight laptops on it.

The other tray is for keyboard. Due to its special design you can either sit down and work or stand up as a break and elevate the trays and you will get both the monitor and the keyboard at efficient heights that you want. This way it becomes adjustable and you can use it either while sitting or standing. You can even tilt the trays to a complete vertical angle.

  • Portable Desk

    Unlike other laptop desks that are attached at a specific place this one is adjustable and can be folded over to flatten up and taken anywhere you want. It fits into any suitcase easily.

    This means you can carry your laptop or monitor desk anywhere you want without the need to compromise on your back especially if you are a patient or lower back pain and you have been advised by your doctor to achieve a standing position at intervals after every time period of extensive sitting.

  • Keyboard Tray

    Many standing desks have a monitor tray only so that you can see your work but without any keyboard tray. This time you are provided with a second tray that is made for keyboard and is ergonomically designed.

    The keyboard tray is located at a lower height than the monitor tray and is kept at a slight tilt that makes it ideal to work on as it helps you to type while keeping your forearms and wrists at the perfect angle and alignment required reducing stress and chances of pain. There are protective lips at the end of the tray that helps to keep the keyboard on it on a tilting position without letting it fall down.

  • Mouse Tray

    Another optional feature in this desktop is the addition of a mouse tray. This is not originally adjusted so you will have to attach it yourself to one of the main legs. This means that out of all three trays this one will be of the lowest height. This makes it difficult and rather useless to work with as it becomes tough for someone to have a keyboard at one height and mouse at the other.

    Since both the keyboard and the mouse has to be used at the same time the addition of this mouse tray at lower elevation makes it stressful for workers.

  • Aluminum  Skeleton

    The standing desktop has been made by aluminum that is a sturdy allow but due to the fact that this adjustable tray is cheap and less expensive it has been made by cheap materials. The idea that it is only useful for desktops that have weight of less than 13 pounds adds to the set back.

    Many people found it flimsy and especially while in its standing position of the desk doesn’t holds itself well and vibrates every time the worker tries to type, it will eventually make the worker to rather prefer working while sitting down hence killing the entire concept.


  • Standing desktop
  • Adjustable
  • Portable
  • Keyboard tilt
  • Cheap
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Beneficial for back


  • Mouse tray
  • Flimsy skeleton

Who Should Buy

If you are suffering from a back problem that worsens due to excessive sitting or if you want to prevent getting that problem then this standing desk is perfect for you that not only works in sitting position but also adjusts itself in standing position. Budget friendly and travel friendly this adjustable working capacity helps you ease your back from the stress of everyday workload.


If you are looking for an adjustable laptop or desktop working station that helps you in achieving a straight spine a healthy back then you should buy this ergonomic standing desktop. However if you are planning to get something sturdy and long term and you don’t mind spending a little of your fortune on it then you should consider other brands in the market today.