Trying to Lose Weight? Here’s The Worst Time to Weigh Yourself


When you’re trying to lose weight, the number you see at your toes becomes critical. It won’t just motivate you but it also helps you know if what you’re doing is actually working. The truth, however, is that the number on your weighing scale can lie, particularly if you don’t know the worst time to weigh yourself.

With that, here are some of the worst times to step on your weighing scale:

After a hard workout

Engaging in a really tough exercise can cause small tears in your muscles. This causes fluids to rush to the affected areas to aid in healing, causing a bump on the scale.

After a long flight

Spending a few hours on a flight can cause an imbalance in your fluid and electrolyte levels. This leads to a slight increase in your weight.

Before your period

Women are all too familiar with PMS and its annoying symptoms, like cramps and bloating. About 5 days before your period, your body experiences hormonal changes that causeĀ it to retain more water. This will cause your scale to show a slightly higher result.

After eating salty meals

Salt attracts water so it’s only natural for your body to retain more fluids after eating salty meals. Wait a day or two after eating such meals before you step on the scale to get a more accurate result.