Wrist Blood Pressure Monitors Pros and Cons


Can’t choose which type of blood pressure monitor is right for you? You might prefer something more convenient. Before we finally reveal whether they’re perfect for you or not, check out the wrist blood pressure monitors pros and cons.

Wrist blood pressure monitors are convenient

It goes without saying that wrapping a blood pressure monitor around your wrist is just like wearing a watch. That’s definitely easier than fitting a cuff around your upper arm. The cuff should wrap tightly, which can be tricky to achieve on your own.

Another important advantage of wrist blood pressure monitors specifically benefits people with big muscular bodies. If your upper arm is too big, you obviously need to wear the device somewhere else on your body.

Wrist blood pressure monitors fall short on accuracy

According to WebMD, wrist monitors are less accurate than other variations. The ideal way to measure your blood pressure is to take it at heart level. That’s why medical professionals typically use arm cuffs.

In Conclusion

The wrist blood pressure monitors pros and cons revolve around convenience and accuracy. They’re perfect for people who prefer the easier, more comfortable way. However, since they aren’t too accurate, we suggest trying other kinds of monitors.

If you’re also planning to wear a wrist heart rate monitor, find out if it’s accurate.