Are Wrist Pedometers Accurate


There are different types of pedometers, but the wrist type has captured the attention of more people. To be honest, that’s not surprising at all. People are now more particular about fashion and convenience.

However, are wrist pedometers accurate?

Wrist pedometers fall short on accuracy

Unfortunately, this type of pedometer has the tendency to count more steps than the actual result. This is because wrist pedometers usually count additional movements.

If you’re wearing a pedometer on your wrist while doing a lot of hand movements, it is more likely to display a huge number.

Accuracy is essential for your fitness goals

What’s the big deal about accuracy, anyway? So what if the pedometer gives a big number on the display? Some people might find that motivating.

A fitness program is more effective if there’s progress. Since your aim is to take more steps than the previous count, you should rely on the correct numbers.

In Conclusion

Are wrist pedometers accurate?

Sadly, these pedometers are not as accurate as most people think. The more arm movements you do, the bigger the number is on the pedometer. That’s too bad since wrist pedometers are the most convenient and stylish options.

If you’re going to resort to another type of pedometer, find out where exactly to put it. Should you wear it on your waist or put it in your bag?

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