Wusthof Classic Santoku with Red 2-Stage Asian Edge Sharpener-7 Inch Review



This uniquely designed two-stage Asian edge knife sharpener does what it is intended to do. The sharpener is up to level with the latest and most advanced characteristics that you will unquestionably be impressed with once you put it into use. This unit is remarkably long lasting, and its price is cost-effective.

The unit features red plastic construction, along with high carbon stainless steel, which provides the sharpener with the much needed sturdiness. The sharpener uses new edge technology, which makes each side of your knife’s blade sharper by 14°; thus doubling the sharpness retention. In addition, this sharpener has hollow granton edge, which prevents sticking.

Important Features and Specs

This sharpener is precision forged from one blank made of high-carbon stainless steel that is hardened in order to uphold a sharp edge. The sharpener’s full tang ensures that the unit is provided with the perfect balance, along with a riveted as well as high impact composition handle. The riveted- high impact composition handle provides you with comfort while holding the sharpener.

The unit uses the latest technology that incorporates the use of computer-controlled technique for instilling razor sharp edges on classic knives. The technology also promotes the formation of an exacting edge from the tip of your knife’s blade to the heel. The new technology implies new precision; therefore, you knives will be made sharper by 14° in every side for a sum of 28°; hence amplifying the sharpness retention.

The sharpener provides your knife with hollow granton edge, which prevents food from sticking to your knife’s blade. This makes any knife you sharpen with this sharpener the best knife for chopping, mincing, slicing, and dicing. The sharpener has two-stage sharpening processes, provided by the coarse sharpening slot, and the fine sharpening slot. The coarse opening is for working out blunt edges, while the fine opening is for smooth sharpening of edges. The sharpener’s handle is easy to hold, and it is highly durable.

The sharpener’s dimensions are 11.5 by 1.7 by 0.7 inches, and it weighs 1.4 pounds, making it compact and ultraportable. The unit is made of carbon stainless steel, and it is red in color. The sharpener has two sharpening openings, with the coarse slot being close to the handle. The unit’s brand is Wusthof, and it is full tang.


  • The sharpener is made of new edge technology, which ensures that each side of your knife’s blade is sharper by 14°; hence amplifying the sharpness retention and it has hollow granton edge that prevents sticking.
  • There is no limitation on the number of times that you can use this knife sharpener. It all depends on how frequent you use your knives, and under what conditions. Therefore, you can use it to sharpen a considerable number of knives in a day.
  • The sharpener is designed with high quality material that does not cause excessive wear to your knives. This is so since most of the re-sharpening occurs during the coarse-sharpening stage, and the fine sharpening stage is for instilling razor sharpness.
  • This knife sharpener is highly user friendly, and a good gift to give out for an occasion, such as a wedding. The unit will ensure that the gift recipient is well-satisfied with its capabilities. Its design allows you to use it without worrying of hurting yourself or the person you give out to as a gift.


  • If the instructions are not correctly followed, as far as coarse sharpening and fine sharpening are concerned, this knife sharpener may not provide the appropriate level of sharpening to your knives.

Who Should Buy

You should buy this sharpener if you are after a unit that has successfully worked for each and every person who buys it. This sharpener provides you with precision sharpening, since there is no guess work insofar as its sharpening abilities are concerned. This unit is specifically designed to restore sharpness to your knives without causing any unnecessary damage in the process.

The unit provides the highest level of comfort and safety when you are sharpening your knives. Its user friendly triple riveted handle provides exceptional balance as well as precise handling. In every regard, this is the most ideal sharpener to engage for high quality performance.


Wusthof Classic Santoku with Red 2-Stage Asian Edge Sharpener is a five star knife sharpener that can do wonders to your Asian style knives, among other knife types. This unit is highly resourceful and user friendly. All its features are tailored towards providing you with the best outcomes. There is no guess work with this knife sharpener.

When you follow the instructions correctly, you will get all your knives sharpened accordingly. In fact, its high utility makes it a good gift to give out to a friend. You do not need to do an extensive search for a knife sharpener in the market, since this particular model will do just fine.