YOU Reel by Conair 2-in-1 Styler Hair Dryer Review



When you’re off to the market to buy a new product, you always have several expectations set in the back of your mind. Some are baseline expectations which have to be fulfilled in all cases. These could include durability, a price within your budget, ease of use, etc. Next come the specific expectations, which, you can sacrifice on or trade off for other features but would, on the whole, like to have. As good as that sounds, you know these things are easier said rather than done.

The Conair YOU REEL Styler is one such product which comes as a mix of features designed to satisfy all your expectations in a balanced fashion. Neither do you have to trade off on usability in exchange for lacking features and neither do you have to go without the looks for a sturdy design. Read on to find out how and what exactly makes the Conair YOU REEL Styler a one of a kind device.

Important Features and Specs

Tourmaline Ceramic Technology. Hair styling product designers seem to take their work quite seriously. You know this is true when you find crushed gemstones being used at the forefront of your dryer. Basically tourmaline technology is an addition the ceramic plates and further refines the air blown. The air passes through the plates at a temperature high enough that a reaction is caused, due to which the air is infused with activated ions. The end result is your hair turns out silkier and smoother. Tourmaline technology is basically an alternative to using electrical means to ionize air. The natural properties of Tourmaline cause air surrounding it to ionize. Electrical means could’ve been used as well, but that would’ve led to a bulkier hair dryer.

High Torque Motor for Superior Performance. Not meaning to delve that far into the technicalities, but the Conair YOU REEL Styler comes with a powerful 1875 DC motor which, being the heart of the dryer, deserves a mention. A DC motor runs much more efficiently in comparison to an AC motor in terms of speed variability. Since dryers are running on different settings, a DC motor has a longer life. The motor is strong enough to dry hair from the recommended 8 inch distance. Of course, if your hair is thicker than you’ll need to make adjustments to your methods.

Different Operating Modes. Almost every dryer out these comes with these settings as a standard. You have 3 temperature and two speed settings. However the Conair YOU REEL Styler comes with a DC motor which means its variability is well pronounced. When you select high speed then you get jet fast air blown and when you select low, then you get that steady shot of air. Many dryers simply make a lot of noise when on high and barely run when set on low, extreme on either side.

Removable Filter. The rear filter, the one responsible for ensuring that the motor’s intake is clean, is removable in the Conair YOU REEL Styler. You can easily open it up and have it cleaned in a jiffy. Make sure you dry it up thoroughly (you can wash with water) before installing it back again. The motor can burn faster than you could say ‘filter’ if there is any dampness present.

Excellent Build Quality and Design. Hair dryers have long been associated with words like ‘delicate’ and are usually meant to be ‘handled with care’. This doesn’t apply in the same context to the Conair YOU REEL Styler. What you lose in weight you get back in a solid overall design. Be assured of a long life and minimal structural defects with this device.

Ease of Use. The Conair YOU REEL Styler has a retractable cord so you don’t have to worry about the clutter that wires cause or risk damaging the cord by wrapping it around the device. Apart from that the balanced weight makes it an easy to use device. The switches are flat and ‘tucked’ inside so you don’t have to worry about accidentally changing modes or turning off the device while using it.

Concentrator and Diffuser. The Conair YOU REEL Styler comes with a two add-on which can be used as per your styling needs. You can put this device to a variety of uses once you master its different operating procedures.


  • Listed in InStyle’s list of top beauty products in 2009 as an excellent styling tool.
  • Strong motor for faster and reliable operation
  • Retractable cord
  • Tourmaline technology
  • Two additional accessories
  • Different speed and heat settings
  • Excellent build and overall design in terms of visuals and durability


  • Heavier in comparison to the average hair dryer
  • Price slightly above average
  • Vibrates a lot during operation
  • Retractor button can give issues at times

Who Should Buy

The Conair YOU REEL Styler was appreciated by customers on the whole. According to one site, after 560 different reviews, the average came to 4 stars. Its strong build make it ideal for personal use and commercial use alike. The fact that it requires some periodical maintenance makes it a little unsuitable for people who like a device which is totally free of such hassles. Because their negligence and severely reduces the running life of this device.


The Conair YOU REEL Styler was good enough for Instyle’s Best Buy list; that should speak for itself. Get this product if you like good visuals, hand in hand with high performance and different features. Maintain it and it’ll keep you happy for long.